Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Winter at home

I was looking through flickr to find a photo that inspired me to write about, then I remembered that my dad had sent a few pictures to me just before Christmas.

Our home town in Northern England had quite a lot of snow recently, so much in fact that roads and schools were closed and the "bin men" couldn't/wouldn't get out to collect the rubbish!

Not only is this picture a reminder of my family and hometown but it also reminds me of my childhood.

See, when I was small, I loved the snow, we built snowmen and had snowball fights, we went to the Abbey to sledge down the amphitheatre, usually on big black bin bags because the sledges broke on the first decent.

I remember the sound of the snow crunching under my feet, catching snowflakes on my gloves as they fell to the ground, seeing that every snowflake was different. I remember coming back into the house with cold wet feet and red cheeks from the cold.

When I got older and started working and driving, the snow was a huge inconvenience. It appeared that it snowed briefly and before you knew it, it had turned to a dirty wet slush and then ice that was dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians. Trying to rush to work on ice was not fun in the slightest.

I love this picture because my dad sent it and because it reminds me of the fun times we had together when I was a child.


Kristy said...

That's a beautiful pciture Claire and what a lovely memory :)

Kek said...

I'm not a fan of snow, Claire, but that looks so pretty. :)

Debstar said...


Cherub said...

Just spoke to my mam. She said it snowed again yesterday - but then the rain came and washed it away. That confirms my adult memory of English weather.