Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Twelve nights

For many this goal for 2011 will sound very lame, for me it will be a huge challenge but one that I am ready to face.

The goal - Twelve Nights out in 2011.

I guess that roughly equates to one night a month, which to me sounds difficult (when will I find the time?) though twelve nights from 365 is more than achievable.

To be more specific that is 12 nights out with company. As much as I love going to concerts with my husband the goal is to interact with people outside of my immediate family.

For financial reasons, (ie a babysitter costing a fortune) it may be that I go out on my own with girlfriends while Jon looks after the kids but I'm sure on occasion we can both go out with a group of friends.

Rules - it must be fun! It must not involve sitting around a dinner table with "friends" complaining about their lives, partners or discussing horrific stories in the media.

I will need to be selective I think.

1 comment:

Kristy said...

Good luck Claire, it sounds like a great goal and very similar to me going out with the Vegan group of people... It's easier to go home, but once I get there I enjoy myself.

Good luck finding fun friends!