Monday, 10 January 2011


I've been kicked out of my office. I finally got rid of the double bed in the spare room and turned it into an office for me.

Too much opportunity for procrastination if I use the family computer in the family room. I can see the dirty floors, the ironing, the dishes.

But, I've been kicked out. The very first day Jon was off from work, he moved in his laptop, his MP3 player and speakers, all of a sudden it was a necessity to buy a new chair 'rolls eyes'. The only time I can gain access these days is if I am bearing a cup of tea and/or food.

I have to change this!!

ps I did ponder over the title of this post given that you know my husband is out or work but then I figured, it could be procrastination so I left it.

pps I still haven't showered or snoozed from the other day, but don't panic, I have post dated these last 2 posts.... oops


Debstar said...

Surely if you can fit in a double bed into that room you can fit in another table for your computer. If he can afford a new chair then you must be able to afford a new desk.

Silly girl, do not bear food or tea until you get your own way. Hell if he is out of work he should be serving you! lol

Cherub said...

It's more than the desk, it's my drawers, my shelves, my coaster, everything! haha

Don't worry, as soon as the kids are back at school I'm onto it. :-)

Actually - I can cope with a cup of tea and a biscuit if he cooks the evening meal. So long as it's on my terms and not on demand!