Saturday, 8 January 2011


How cool is Dexter? I love it. I have always enjoyed crime thrillers but got bored with CSI and all those shows, also really really hated the TV adverts.

But... I love Dexter, it has everything and it so much better to watch it on DVD, you don't miss anything, can put it on when you want (even if it's a little too late)!

We don't watch much TV but Dexter is a must.... and House, love that too!

What is your must watch TV program?


Michelle said...

I love Dexter! One of my faves for sure. My other must watch TV show is Glee.

Cherub said...

Can you believe, I have never watched Glee. I must do it one day!

Debstar said...

Raising Hope. I prefer comedy.

I would rather scratch my eyes out than watch Glee (sorry Michelle).

I liked House but now that he has hooked up with the female boss I have gone right off that show.

Cherub said...

I sometimes see Raising Hope and it does amuse me, as does Modern Family. Gloria wouldn't be evicted that's for sure! ;-)