Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Something that makes me smile

My children have the ability to stress me out, disappoint me and drive me crazy. They make me angry, they are majorly time consuming but at the end of the day (sometimes literally) they are the loves of my life and the most simple act by them can put a huge smile on my face.

Of course I am proud of them, they really are great children, they are beautiful and intelligent, they are kind and caring, they are child like but can behave like grown ups. Yet they can still drive me crazy.

They are untidy and leave the house a mess, they roll their eyes if I dare to ask them to pick up a toy or put a plate in the dishwasher or tell them to get off their computer, ipod, wii, PlayStation, to turn off the TV.

But I smile when

  • I hear them laughing
  • they play together
  • they sing the wrong words to a song
  • they help each other
  • they seek my hand to hold
  • I find a picture they have drawn of me with I Love Mummy written on it
  • they get their words confused
  • they sit on my knee
  • they flutter their eyes and I am jelly
  • they touch my hair
  • they say I look pretty
  • they think I have lost them in a store and they catch my eye and smile because they know they are safe with me
  • they tell a joke that doesn't work
  • they are sleeping