Friday, 7 January 2011

Sleep versus goals

I really should be having a shower and a nap now. After just 4 days back at work, I am staying up until about 11pm, one night was 1am. We were watching the 4th series of Dexter on DVD and as there were only 3 episodes to go, we had to finish it. However, with my job, I don't have the luxury of late starts, my average "get up" time is 5am, some days earlier and some a little later.

It doesn't take much to conclude that I don't get enough sleep.

I wish it was as easy as going to bed earlier but I don't want to. I enjoy spending time with my husband and the only time we get to do that is a few evenings a week, after 9pm-ish.

Daytime snoozes are not usually an option due to the kids being home at 3pm, however this afternoon, I have no clients, I have done my training, made muffins with the girls, so afternoon tea is taken care of - therefore I should be sleeping, but no - because I committed to blogging more frequently.

There done for today, I'm off for a shower and a snooze - wish me luck (probably regarding the snooze not the shower) :)

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