Sunday, 6 December 2009

The stolen Christmas

I really feel this year like Christmas has been stolen from me by my children.

I no longer have a part in it. They put the tree up, they are getting big $ value gifts this year, so I haven't done lots of shopping for little gifts, presents for nieces and nephews in England were bought and posted mid year. I guess also not working for a big employer so no Christmas parties, and of course being away from the cold may be starting to have an effect, The first eight years of Christmas in the sun could have been a novelty. Or maybe it is just this year and next year will be different again.

I don't feel "bah humbug" far from it I love Christmas but I don't feel like it belongs to me anymore.

I'm sure I will feel better in the next couple of weeks when I see the Children's Christmas concerts.

Regardless, Merry Christmas everyone and I hope your preparation are well on the way.

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Debstar said...

It's not putting the tree up, for sure. It is still "the big event" in our family though it is becoming extremely hard to organise with the girls all working long hours.

Merry Christmas.