Wednesday, 9 December 2009

I feel strange.......

I have a funny feeling in my tummy.

It's a Wednesday morning and the day didn't get off to a very good start. This morning was the first time I have ever missed a client session and it was because I slept in. I could say my alarm didn't go off but I take full responsibility for not setting it correctly. I woke up at 6am exactly which is the time I start my session 30 minutes from home. My clock said 6 PM and the alarm was set for 4.41 AM. Hence it didn't work.

I phoned my client and apologised profusely and told her the next session is on me. (Part of our contract)

Then, Jon has taken the day off work to take our youngest daughter out for a special 'Dad and Daughter' day before she starts school next year. She thinks she is going out for a milkshake but dad is taking her on the train and ferry to Taronga Zoo. She has been there before but she was too young to appreciate it. She will love it and I think he will too.

The funny feeling - I miss her, I know she is a preschool for 2 days every week but not on a Wednesday and I feel strange, I feel like something is missing. I am now thinking about how I will feel next year when I drop all 3 of them at school. The school will have the majority of my family.

So today, I have a Wednesday to fill, it is not my usual routine, I have heaps to do but it feels different!

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