Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Quick complaint - blogger is driving me crazy. I really dislike (would say hate but don't like that word) the formatting.

As I spend so much time hanging around waiting for children to finish various activities, I decided to get an Eee pc and use that time constructively by working and writing.

I didn't think I needed to be online, I would draft documents in Word and then copy them into the appropriate format - but blogger doesn't like that.

I have looked at wordpress and different problems occur mostly related to me being new at it.

Which do you prefer and any quick and easy tips?


KatieP said...

Hi Claire

I have used both B and WP and I really love WP. It did take a bit of getting used to though. I started off really simply with a more or less bare site and then just added the bits as I figured them out.

If you want to write off line, use a program that has no formatting like notepad or wordpad (in the programs file under accessories). That way you can copy and paste into Blogger without all the format hassles.
Have a great day ♥

Kristy said...

Hi Claire

I was going to say the same thing. If I write any blogging posts at work offline I always write then in notepad and then copy and paste, but I have noticed Internet Explorer doesn't allow me to paste in into blogger, I have to use firefox. Which is fine as I prefer firefox now anyway.

Any more questions fire away :)


Cherub said...

Thanks Katie and Kristy, I will try those. I don't use explorer either, I use google chrome now.