Thursday, 31 December 2009

Feeling so much better & goals

Yeah! I am feeling heaps better today, which is good as we have visitors arriving this afternoon. My neck is still causing me grief but it doesn't bother me as much today.

I haven't yet decided what to do about tonight's party. I have been considering for some time being the designated driver. That way I will still feel good tomorrow. But, I love a good party and I will be honest, I like having a drink at parties.

I've been thinking about what my goals are for the coming year. There are so many things I would like to achieve, such as

having a regular training program
eating a healthy diet
take my supplements
not bingeing
cooking healthy meals for my family every day and at every meal time
increasing my number of clients
taking on trainers to work with me
taking the kids on an overseas holiday
visiting my family in England
putting a pool in the backyard
mediating regularly
drinking more water
having a bit more 'me' time
becoming a more positive person
accepting me for who I am now
living my life now - not later
living in the moment
learning to trust myself
learning to trust others
keep my house tidy
keep my house clean
keep on top of household filing

I think I need to stop there.

There are so many goals and I haven't reviewed them yet but I am pretty sure that by achieving just a few of them, I will either achieve them all or many will become irrelevant.

I don't need to decide on my goals today in preparation for tomorrow - The New Year - I have 12 months to achieve them - but nor will I procrastinate. I will pick two or three and focus on them for a period of time, once they become a habit, I will add more goals.

One think I need to continue to work on is my all or nothing attitude, this has held me back on my goals for so many years. I am improving and I will continue to do so.

OK - I have decided that to start with I am going to take my supplements daily and I am going to drink (at least) one glass of water with every meal.

I really dislike the physical aspect of taking supplements so I will get a small container that I can keep with me and take them throughout the day. If I take more than 2 at a time I feel physically sick. In the past I have decided to spread them out through the day but usually forget. This way, I can have them with me and take them with that glass of water, wherever I am.

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Debstar said...

keeping on top of household filing.
Is that possible?!! lol

Happy New Year.