Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Feeling sorry for myself

OMG - here I was thinking that I am a positive person most of the time and was just dropping in to say how sorry I was feeling for myself and then I saw that yesterday was a complaint too.

I think I need to have a close look at myself.

Anyway, I feel yuck, I have been feeling yuck since the 27th, in fact I missed a party on the 27th because I felt yuck. On a positive note I could have gone, but didn't want to eat or drink or have to constantly explain myself so I chose not to go.

At first I thought I had a food and alcohol hangover even though I didn't think I had had that much, but now I don't think it can be. I have a nauseous feeling, sore throat, drippy nose and any inclination to do anything has definitely left the building. To make it worse I have woke up with a restriction in my neck, not too much and normally it wouldn't bother me too much - but today it does.

Whinge whinge whinge I am boring myself.

On a positive note, the cleaning fairies visited my house yesterday (they were v expensive, but worth it) my house is sparkling. One exception though, that I have to deal with, my stainless steel cooker and the ignition knobs are now a dirty gold/bronze colour. I hope it is not totally ruined but something the cleaners used did not agree with my cooker. And, the little markers that tell me which hob is which have been removed.

But the rest of my house is clean - and all at the same time.

Today I am drinking lots of water and trying to figure out what I need more, training or sleep.

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Kristy said...

It's a yucky time Claire of the year, which I will explain better on my blog when I decide to blog about it, but I hope you feel better soon. Maybe a nice gentle walk to see how you feel.

I think we all have periods of time where we can feel a little negative, but maybe you need a little "me time".

Your cleaning fairies sound fantastic. I need some of those when I move house so I can get my bond back :P

Take care