Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Friends to visit

I did however take a break from work this weekend to spend it with Kristy.

Kristy arrived on Thursday and stayed with us until Sunday evening. She is a very beautiful person and is exactly as I imagined her to be. Despite never having met before and only speaking a couple of times on the telephone, we got on really well. It felt like I had known her for years. Well actually I have, but only online.

We did driving, shopping, walking in the Blue Mountains, dance classes (for my girls) coffees, a couple of wines, soccer supporting. Just normal family stuff. I hope it wasn't too boring for Kristy but it was great for me to have a girlfriend around.

I have to say thank you to Kristy's dad for spotting that bargain ticket! Thank you.

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Kristy said...

I had a fantastic time with you and your family Claire. It was a really special time and I learnt so much from you all... I would love to visit again next year :)

I'll put the word out to my Dad :P