Monday, 29 June 2009


I am so so tired. I normally don't have any trouble getting up in the mornings (even my 4.30am get ups) but this morning, I was really surprised to hear my alarm. I swear I had just gone to bed. Granted I probably have gone before 11pm with a 4.30am start but never mind. Can't be perfect all the time!!

My son has also been sick so I guess that has taken its toll a little bit. I haven't trained this weekend because I didn't want to leave him so I think my system needs a good shake up. Back into it in the morning. CJ is getting better now, his temperature is coming down. Hopefully he will need only one more day at home.

My shoulder has been playing up a little yesterday and today, I am hoping it is just cross because I upped the rehab last week. I'm sure it will be all good and behaving properly in the morning when I really need it to.

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Tully said...

Oh dear, sounds like you really need some rest and relaxation!

4.30am, that is still the middle of the night...

Take it easy. :-)