Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Long weekends

I just had a lovely weekend, it started on Friday night, when my son danced with his school dance group in the Sydney West Dance Festival. The girls went off to a friends for the evening and Jon and I were very proud to watch our son dance on stage for the very first time. (We are also very aware that it may also be his last time.)  He was great and I know that I am biased but I thought that their dance was the best.

We were so proud that he didn't let peer pressure stop him, he ignored the negative comments and ticked another goal off his list. I should point out that he was the only boy in the group of 30. He has now sang on stage, danced on stage and played in a band on stage and he is still only 9. 

Saturday we set off to Nelson Bay to see friends. I am ashamed to say that it has been 18 months since we last visited them but the time gap didn't make any difference.

We ate in and we ate out, we went 10 pin bowling and we walked up Tomaree Heads and watched the whales through binoculars. We played with their dogs and our children on the beach. Some of us drank lots of alcohol and and some of us were more restrained but all of us managed to talk complete nonsense for most of the weekend.

We drove back yesterday (Tuesday) and were in desperate need of any early night. But.... not such luck, Jon and I headed off to the city to see Pink in concert.

She was fantastic. The show was the best, how she manages to still sing when upside down on a trapeze escapes me but I loved every minute of it and would definitely see her again if she comes back in a couple of years.



Ronnie said...

Oh how long was the concert? Did you take a camera in? What type. Do you think I would be able to take the Nikon in? We go next Monday in Brisbane.

Cherub said...

Hi Ronnie

Faker supported and started about 7.50pm. Pink came on about 9pm and finished about 10.45pm.

We didn't take a camera but heaps of people did. We actually didn't have bags checked on the way in. We weren't allowed to be served drinks in bottles though. Water was put in a paper cup!

Enjoy, I did.

Kristy said...

What a lovely weekend Claire, it sounds like you really enjoyed yourself.

I can't wait to see Pink myself, glad you enjoyed her show.