Friday, 12 June 2009

Naturopath - the details

For many years now (25+) I have suffered with sinus problems. I have had several surgeries to remove nasal polyps and wash and drain the sinus but none have given any results beyond 6 weeks.

For just as long I have been taking anti-histamine daily, I have had various nasal sprays both prescription and non prescription in all the 3 countries that I have lived.

I haven't really had many allergy tests and those I had only raised house dust mite as an issue, however I know that I am allergic to so much more. Certain animals, red wine, dry ice are some of the things that have triggered a reaction in the last 4 weeks.

Further when I was about 18 I developed asthma and again, this has stayed with me though the UK, NZ and Australia.

My nose runs and is blocked almost constantly and lately as I am interacting with more and more clients and professionals I am finding it an embarrassment.

I went to the GP to discuss this again a couple of months ago and all they could suggest was further surgery, of the same I might add.

So I decided to try Iridology.

From our discussion and the iridoligy it appears that I have a sinus issue (well hello!) and a digestive issue. Apparently the two are often linked. She also mentioned a lung issue, but didn't go further into that at this stage, she said just to work on the sinus and the digestive issues first.

She has recommended Fish Oil, (that I already take) Horseradish and Garlic Complex, a tonic and Digestive Enzymes also to eliminate dairy and gluten, ham and pork from my diet.

Liz, it may sound harsh but people that make statements like that usually have good reason and I respect your opinion so am more than happy to hear it. This really is just another avenue for me to try. I did buy the supplements from her, not sure if I had to - just did (on this occasion).

Deb, as you say it is worth a try, I am hoping my health fund will cover most of the cost which is why I am trying it, as for the diet, I can only give it a go. I will go back and see her in just over 6 weeks, I will reserve my full judgement until after that session.

Again - comments are most welcome, I would love to hear your experiences and opinions.

The gum - I have not had any, sometimes I really want it, just to freshen up my mouth after eating usually. I have also noted that I am more thirsty, I think I was using it instead of drinking water.

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Kristy said...

I hope it works for you Claire. I have never really heard anything about Naturopaths. I have considered occasionally, but never been for the appointment