Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Too many lollies

With almost certainty my son throws up from too many lollies and juice and excitement on Christmas Eve, he has done it every year since he was 2. It happens at various different times during the evening. The worst time being just after we have gone to bed and after Santa has been.

I try and tell him not to eat too much junk, even church has been guilty of providing such food.

This year it happened early. Last Friday night, again he got a lolly bag at Little Athletics, got very excited at having a bag of lollies all to himself and ate them all, then a few hours later, just as I was going to sleep, it happened.

He may have learned his lesson this time. He got a gift of 6 chocolate bars from a friend at school and out of kindness and fear of being sick, he shared all but one with other friends and the one he kept for himself he shared with his sisters.

You never know, I may get a Christmas Eve off from cleaning and I can't say I am looking forward to him experimenting with alcohol later.

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