Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Chocolate Advent Calenders

Do you remember when you were a kid and you got a chocolate filled advent calender. How long was it before you ate all the chocolates? Or did you wait and have only one a day? me I used to have today's and a bite of tomorrow's. Back then there was always 25 little windows so I figured I would get plenty on Christmas Day that I didn't need that 1/2 of one.

This year my daughters lasted to the 10th. Today we woke to scenes of devastation as the realisation hit that eating all the remaining chocolates yesterday might not have been a good idea.

Tonight I am off to bare foot lawn bowls with the girls from playgroup. I have been offered a lift so I can have a drink and I merrily accepted. I have just remembered though that I have a 6am client who lives 25minutes from here so an early start. Not sure about the lift now - don't want to have to stay late - but then again - it is Christmas.

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Michelle said...

Our dog got into our house and ate my daughters avent calender so we've had to buy another. Although she was upset at first, she's had to catch up on the new one which she was pretty chuffed about.