Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Christmas Party

Last Saturday, we went to my husbands works Christmas Party. We were very dubious about it before we got there, but really could not have imagined the course the evening took.

The band was awful (I'm not going to say who it was because my intention is not to offend people) they were the wrong side of oh at least 65 and they dressed up as different acts, being , Elvis, Roy Orbison, Dusty Springfield. They were not my cup of tea at all. I was very relieved at the interval and was looking forward to catching up with some people I had not seen since the last party. But......... the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate. I filled my wine glass up and off I went with many others to the car park.

An hour and 3 fire engines later, we still could not go back in. People were starting to get a little aggro (not necessarily from our party but generally, it was a big venue) because by now the drinks they had brought down with them had gone and the free drinks were inside, and we were in a car park. It also didn't look like we were going back inside anytime soon.

Jon and I don't go out together often and decided that spending anymore time (what took us so long) in a car park was not a wise use of our time and babysitter so off we went to another bar. We only had one drink and then went home. Never mind, if we are lucky there is always next year.

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