Monday, 21 May 2012

Water Babies

Water babies have arrived at our house.

We've had scoobies and pet rocks and we've had BFF necklaces but Water Babies? Are you serious?

I nearly died laughing when my friend was telling me about the latest craze her kids were following but low and behold, they arrived here today.

They feed them, everyday! They are looked after better than the real pets. They think they have babies. They swear they've seen one have a baby! OMG!

So, what are they?

This is what they are!!

Have your kids ever had this craze or an equally or more bizarre craze?


Debstar said...

Sea monkeys. I think jelly balls are about as interesting as sea monkeys but much prettier.

Cherub said...

I had to google sea monkeys. I've never heard of them before. I still can't work out what they are though.

Don't you have to change the water?

How long did you have yours for?

Debstar said...

Not long. They had a swift death.

The instructions on care of sea monkeys come with the packet. I can't remember changing water which is probably why they died.