Friday, 18 May 2012

Turning 40

OMG, I just updated the little bio on this blog and realised that I am turning 40 next year?

Will I feel different?
Will my kids respect me more, less or just the same?
Will my ear hair get longer or is that just men?
Will I get to the UK next year?
Will I pay my mortgage off before I retire?
Will I get more time for myself?

What happened when you turned 40? Or, if you're not 40 yet, what do you think it will be like?


Michelle Carlyon said...

Apart from an awesome trip to Fiji I haven't noticed that much change since turning 40. Maybe the need to get rid of the random chin hair.

Cherub said...

That's good to know Michelle. I was planning on a trip to Fiji for the family too for our 40th's but now our sights are set on the UK.

Debstar said...

You will if you make it so. Except for the ear hair. It's nose hair, chin hair and the grey in the hair that is more concerning than ear hair.

Cherub said...

So hair seems to be the theme of the 40's.