Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Music tuition, the lost book and manners

We recently cancelled our sons music tuition. Why? Truth be told he didn't like his tutor, he wasn't getting what he wanted from the sessions, so I called to cancel. And why not? At $35 per week, I wanted to make sure he was getting what he needed. Fair enough I thought.

Not so the tutor. She wanted paying for the full term as per her contract. I haven't signed any contract, I suggest you go away and think about what you want to say to me, I said though that's not what I was thinking!! My recount here doesn't even nearly do justice to how rude she was to me. For anyone unsure, rudeness is quite unnecessary in my book!

Talking of books, we had borrowed one from her and it (quite rightly) needed returning. No problem there. The problem came when she kept hounding me by text message about the book. Does she not know that the post does not deliver on weekends?

In my haste to rid her from my life, I made an error on the envelope and I sent it to the wrong address. I sent it two doors away.

Damn! What to do now? Jon said in not so polite terms, "Ignore it." But I couldn't, I have to do the right thing. Two wrongs don't make a right. We borrowed it, we had to return it.

Another issue, I found the book online, it costs $5. All this stress (and it was stressing me) over $5. Five dollars, seriously?

After going into the post office, calling the Dead Letter Office and more harassing text messages, I wrote to the address that I sent the book to.

Yes! Result, she called me and she still had it. Well, she retrieved it from the bin. She then delivered it to the correct address for me. Some people are wonderful.

I am happy, the book has been returned, the tutor has not messaged me once since, not even to say she had got it back.

Oh well. Time to move on. We can't all have manners. Can we?

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