Thursday, 17 May 2012

Ripping strapping tape from my butt

Ripping strapping tape from my butt and lower back is not my usual nor preferred start to the day.

After a 5 month break from running due to various injuries I ran the 4km Mothers Day Classic. It was the perfect day for a run and I am delighted to say that the run was a slow effortless jog. Those months of hill running and hill sprints had paid off - kinda, apart from the injuries!

However, I was a little tight in the glutes and hamstrings the following day and as such I really shouldn't have gone to an Ultimate gym class.

I got through the warm up and 2 sets of tabata workouts, alternate lunges and push ups, we did a little more running and then into the 3rd tabata session which was full abdominal sit ups, hands above the head to touching toes alternating those with body weight squats. Into the second round of squats I heard and felt a ripping/popping in my lower back, the pain referring right down into my coccyx.

A trip to the physio, some ultra sound and dry needling and a very attractive taping of my lower back and butt and I am now exercise free until at least the end of this week.

I have definitely learnt my lesson this time. It was also quite timely that Liz N wrote about leaving your ego at the door recently.

I need to and will start listening to my body and not to my head. My head wants to go faster, lift heavier, burn more calories, lose more weight. My body is quite clearly saying no, stop, listen to me.


Debstar said...

Good to see you are back Claire.

The best thing about going to a gym class is the motivation you get to go on even though you've had enough. You push yourself further. Downside is you can push yourself right over the edge.

It's bloody hard to listen to your body.I'm starting to believe I'm an expert in this area...or just stupid 'cause I never seem to learn.

Look after yourself Claire, and take it easy.

Cherub said...

I love groups for the exact same reasons you mention Deb. I will learn this time though. I can't afford the physio bills.