Thursday, 14 January 2010

Our dog

Our dog has had to leave us. She has been a challenge from the day we got her. She was a rescue dog, her mother didn't survive the birth of her pups so she was hand raised by the Vet nurses (one being our next door neighbour).

When she was 5 weeks old she got parvo virus and thankfully as she was in the care of a vet nurse she got the treatment she needed very quickly. We brought her home when she was recovered at about 7 weeks old.

She has always been a bit biteish (a word invented by my kids) but she has been getting worse. She knocked my 6 year old daughter over, stood over her and bit her face. That was the final straw for me but it took me a week or so to actually do something about it. Out of courtesy to my neighbour I wanted to speak to her first. Unfortunately she was away and wouldn't be back before our holidays.

Winnie was going to be looked after for us while we were on holiday by a family friend but she has small children and I was too scared to put them at risk. So I called one of the Vet nurses, who wasn't surprised to hear from me (my neighbour had been letting her know what was going on). She took the dog back right away and has found Winnie a new home with a couple without children.

My kids - well I have told them that she has gone to do some intensive training and provided she passes she will come home. I will tell them soon that she has had to go to someone else.

I feel bad about it but mostly I feel relieved that my kids can play outside without being bitten.


Kristy said...

Really sorry to hear that your puppy didn't work out and it must have been a really tough decision for you to make, but it's not good when she was hurting your children.

Hopefully in the short time it has helped your youngest one with her fear of dogs.

Debstar said...

You've done the right thing Claire.