Monday, 11 January 2010

Beautiful Blogger Awards

Thanks Kristy for tagging me.

7 things you don't know about me.

1. I am a Chartered Tax Advisor and have worked for "both sides", as a tax agent and as a tax investigator, though I haven't practiced tax since 2003.

2. Jon and I got married in Barbados. We took a few close family members and friends with us and then had a big party for everyone else when we got back home.

3. Each of my 3 children were born in different countries and have different passports, England, New Zealand and Australia.

4. I have been identified several times by people I have never met before, just by my eyes. Apparently they are exactly the same as my fathers and grandfathers. Freaked me a bit at the time but now I think it's pretty cool.

5. My first car was a pink Citroen Dyane. Just like this one but my dad painted it pink for me. Yes it is a "convertible". I loved it and Jon was so proud to be seen it it!

6. I luuuurrrrved Jon Bon Jovi until very recently. I saw picture of him recently and he now looks a bit erm - "plastic". Think I need to reserve judgement and do a bit more research!!

7. I once slept through a Metallica concert.

I am pretty sure everyone has done this already but if not, I look forward to reading about you.

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