Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Memories and Millionaires

Was just browsing the web this morning catching up on emails and blogs and got distracted with flickr.com.

I found this picture that reminded me of my childhood.

Picture by renown

Sunny days, the bus at the Town Hall taking passengers over the bridge to the beach at Bigger Bank. The Bingo Hall in the background. The picture was taken around 1980 when I was living in the town so has big memories for me.

I am also reading a book at the moment about a student nurse training in North Lonsdale Hospital in the 60's. This is probably what sent me off on a tangent looking for pics of home.

I also watched the episode of 'The Secret Millionaire" that I missed. It was in my home town and actually the run-down flats that the secret millionaire had to live in was in the same street that I was raised in for my first 5 years of life.

They don't paint a pretty picture of my home town at all. It is pretty bleak but not as bleak as that. Most of my family still live there, actually the only ones that don't left before we did.

It was an eye-opener though for my son to see where his dad and I lived and grew up.

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Debstar said...

When I went to England years ago I visited my fathers home town of Huddersfield. Where he grew up looked dismal. He never speaks of his childhood so I'm guessing it wasn't all that fun.