Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Junk mail

How much junk mail do we get? I don't mean the junk mail that advertises ways for us to spend our very hard earned money, but the junk that is actually addressed to us. The pointless information that is sent to us every day through the postal system.

Unless my kids are having a splurge on scribbling, I never need to find them fresh paper, they draw on the back of the scrap paper that gets delivered to our door, err not in England any more, to our mail boxes, every day.

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Guillaume said...

Hey there, found your blog at random, from what I can see it seems quite a cool one. And yes, I get loads of junk mail, in my email accounts, in my "normal" mail, etc. I am still trying to figure out what purpose does it serve. What does the sender gain from it?