Monday, 13 April 2009

Do you believe, all things happen for a reason?

Jon and I were both non committal on going camping this weekend. Weeks ago we were really excited about it but as the time got nearer, we were both so busy that neither of us managed to arrange anything.

We decided that on Saturday, we would get up and head to a campsite in Canberra. - None of us have been to Canberra before.

We got there and pitched the tent, why does it look smaller than I remembered?

The space saving bunk beds for the kids, yeah right, they were huge, I think my garage must have some growth hormone in there that worked on the bunk beds but not on the tent.

Never mind, all is ok, barely. Off we head to Questacon. Kids had a good time, Miss C was a little (well a lot) scared of the clowns but we got over that.

As we came out of Questacon it started to rain. - great!  

We struggled to find somewhere to eat. I wanted a nice family restaurant but all we could find were nice, posh, trendy looking places with wine glasses already on the table, nice but not where I wanted to take 3 tired children.

We found a little Chinese restaurant that would do.

Headed back to the tent and least said the better, tiny, cramped, wet and the ground was so hard. Didn't sleep all night, was very achy and extremely cranky and unless drastic improvements are made, I will not be going again.

We had planned to go to another campsite but instead at 5am packed up and came home. At least it had stopped raining by then.

What was the reason? By midday Miss C had a 39.7 temperature and was not feeling at all well. Last night she was up again, more panadol administered.

We were not supposed to be camping last night or having a very long drive home today. All things happen for a reason.

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