Thursday, 16 April 2009

Abdominal ultrasound

I have just been to the physio again, this time to look at a long term back issue. This issue started when I was 18 and had a car accident and dislocated my pelvis.

For 4 years now I have been having 2 monthly chiropractic appointments to keep my back functional but really these days it rarely causes me any problems.

The physio said she would rather I didn't see any other practitioners while I was seeing her (so that she and I could be certain what treatments and I guess which practitioner was helping).

Consequently I missed my regular chiro appointment. I decided to ask the physio for her opinion.

Apparently, my back is moving bizarrely.  I also objected rather loudly when she poked and prodded various places, in particular L4. Part of her assessment was to see how the core performs and then to see if simply teaching correct core activation will help strengthen by back.

It was strange having an ultrasound for a reason other than pregnancy, but I did get to see my abdominal muscles, my internal and external obliques and my transverse abdominus - not as exciting as seeing a new baby but still...

She took a still of my abs in their relaxed state and then split the screen and asked me to activate my core.

Result - perfect core activation. 

Now, she had no quick and easy explanation for my back problems. So I need x-rays to establish what treatment will fix it.

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