Tuesday, 25 March 2008

So much been going on............

Saturday 15th

Daughters birthday, she had a great day, lots of pressies and a small birthday tea.

Sunday 16th

Client early in morning. Party at 12 noon. Lots of kids, lots of adults, about 50 in total, lots of alcohol consumed - not by me working early on Monday am. Lots of juice also consumed. Ice cream cake very well received - thank you to Bernie for making it for us.

Friends from UK arrived, not seen them in 7 years, seems like I saw them only last week.

Last people finally left about 10pm. V long day.

Monday 17th

Work in am and then much cleaning and tidying up. Off to Manly in evening to spend with friends.

Tuesday 18th

Trip on Ferries to Circular Quay for lunch and then to Darling Harbour. Back to Manly for a takeaway and then home by 11pm. Stopped on way for fuel and then charged 2.5% for using Amex. Not happy cos not told about it. - Never mind.

Wednesay 19th

Can't remember.

Thursday 20th

Busy day at the Easter show. Very hot and very long day. Saw lots of good stuff though. The kids really enjoyed it. Most of the contents of the showbags broken before we got home. Had major headache though so straight home to be for me.

Easter Sunday

Easter bunny came, twice, once in morning for my kids and again in the evening for my friends kids. Nasty chocolate and some yummy chocolate.

Easter Monday

A trip to the Blue Mountains to see The 3 Sisters, the skyway freaked me a bit but not as much as the huge spider that was in the cable car. The rain held off until the journey home. Got caught up in an 11km traffic jam. Consoled with wine and Indian when got home.


Been to Physio, still got a headache, some tightness in my neck and he wants to see me again on Thursday or Friday.

Sent my son to school today as we not doing anything much, he is not too happy about it but tough, he can have a day off with our friends again tomorrow and then back to school on Thursday for an excursion to the zoo.


Skinny Girl said...

Hi cherub, thanks for the comment on my blog. Gotta love Peter Kay!

Cat said...

Hey Claire, thanx for dropping by and visiting my blog. I look forward to hearing more about you through your blog. Hope you are having a great week.

Selina said...

Hey Claire,
thanks for your tips re sofresh site!!!