Friday, 14 March 2008

I just had to write it down

My kids have come out with some classics lately.

In all the rushing around and tidying up, Miss T (4) saw a photo of our wedding. She asked, "Where did you get our daddy from? I told her we met in a pub. She asked, "Did he not belong to someone else?" I don't know what she 's heard but it's not true?

Miss C (2, almost 3) made overly loud comments about the smell of a public toilet. The previous user had not yet left and I had to stifle loud laughter. Miss C was not very subtle or polite.

Later she said she is ready for another baby now. I told her there were no babies left in my tummy. She said that we would go to the park and get one to put in there. Again, I don't know what she's heard but it's not true!!

Jumping Castle - check
Helium - check
Balloons - check
Chiro - ouch
Lollies - check
Wine - not yet but yes please.

Back to it..........

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Debstar said...

How funny are your kids?

It reminds me of a time my mum and sister and I went and visited an elderly relative who was well into her 80's. She kept 'breaking wind' and my sister who was only about 5 at the time was almost hysterical with laughter.