Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I've got my desk back

Yesterday I moved Jon's things out of my desk and reclaimed it. I could suggest that the lack of desk is why I've not been posting but that would be a total lie.

Things have moved on for us now. In the last month or so, Jon started work at a company that is less than a 5 minute drive from home.

The money situation is going to be very difficult for us as this role comes with a huge reduction in salary but that is the decision we have made to give us the quality of life we are looking for.

If we need to sell the house and move in the future so be it. In the meantime, we will try and make cuts to our living costs and increase my earnings.

Cutting costs is going to be really difficult for me as we don't have an extravagant lifestyle, except for the activities that our children do. I don't want to have to stop them. We have cut back to the point that they only do what the absolutely love now, unfortunately those are where the highest costs are.

Jon is now able to come home for lunch a couple of times a week. Leave for work at the same time he used to but arrive early. He is home most evenings before 5.30pm and on a couple of days, he picks Miss T up from dancing on his way home which means I don't have to take all the kids out again - and I could be preparing dinner.

We are also very lucky to have just had a week in Cairns, I know, new job and lower income but a holiday in Cairns. I'll leave the explanation for a later post.


Kek said...

We took a drop in income for the sake of a better lifestyle some years back, Claire, and have never regretted it. Now that I think about it, we've done it twice - and while it's tough financially at first, it somehow seems to work out in the end.

It's especially good for the kids to have more time with both parents, whatever the cost.

Kristy said...

Glad to see you back Claire.

It would be hard to make that decision to accept a lower paying job, but great he is working so close....

I am fortunate that there is just me, but I would accept a lower paying job if I could work closer to home too. Much different situation thought...

I hope you can work it out without having to sell the house, but whatever happens will be the right thing for you and your family... We never know what is just around the corner.

Take care, hugs Kristy :)

Cherub said...

Thanks for the support. It's definitely the right decision for us at this time. And what do you know, he came home yesterday and told me he'd got a 10% pay rise.

The Universe works in amazing ways.

Kristy said...

That's great news and the universe does work in amazing ways...

I'm now looking to the universe to help me find that someone special :)