Thursday, 3 February 2011


Ok - so I'm supposed to be working, and I am working, I have been pretty productive today, but in the back of my mind, well at the front really I have this nagging need to update here.

I am very aware that I committed to 5 times a week and it's been a while. I do have a reason for not posting - for part of the time but again am very aware that the reason was not going to serve me much longer - so here I am!

I'll keep it brief for now and hope that it satisfies the need to post until maybe tomorrow.

We have been away on holiday, though we did get back on the evening before Australia Day.

We went to Port Macquarie and had a fantastic time, though for me it was not relaxing in the slightest. Having 3 children wave hopping and body boarding in the water for hours at a time is not relaxing for a mum, nor was the tennis, the fishing (don't like fishing), the barefoot bowling, it was a challenge trying to get it in between downpours, swimming, walking, surfing, washing (it never ends) etc.

I did partake in a few bottles of wine though in the evenings, well I didn't have to get up at stupid o'clock to train clients. As much as I love them (and I do) I also like a wine occasionally!

Plus the tennis (the Open, not my attempt at it) requires a glass or two I think!

So yes I am now having a well deserved break from the vino and taking part in this years febfast. I am now onto my 4th day of no alcohol - I started a day early. Even I couldn't take another day of wine drinking. I even left just a glassful in the fridge for my last day, but didn't have it. My husband 'helped' me out there and drank it on Tuesday.

That's all for now folks!

See ya soon

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