Thursday, 26 February 2009

On the up

Like many others around me and here online, I too have not been feeling the happiest little bunny. I am happy to say though, that this week things have improved heaps.

Given that so many people have been affected, a friend and I are convinced that there is something out there in the Universe.

Today I enjoyed? a trip to the physio. I say enjoyed because last week I saw a new physio (not feeling I was progressing as much as I would like in the shoulder region) and at this stage, I love her.

She feels it is not a shoulder issue, well not anymore, and that it is a nerve issue in my neck, but get this, she thinks she can fix it, not just maintain it, or give me about 80% function, she is going to fix it. She also said today that as I have been suffering with it for so long, she sees it as a challenge to get me better.

Hooray! Someone who wants to help me and not just their own pocket. Bit harsh I know, and my last physio helped me a lot, but I was not happy with 80%. I am too young to settle for that.

After physio I had lunch with a girlfriend and then a little shopping, nothing very nice just bits and pieces and I also faced the dreaded M3dicare. Only 20 minutes to wait and now my pocket has a little more cash.

Can anyone help - my mortgage has reduced but I don't have anymore money, where has it gone?

Collected kids from school, dropped one off at dancing, back home for a cup of tea and some blogging and then back to pick up from dancing.

Jon is away so I think a nice early night is called for. With Jon away, I had to cancel my early morning client tomorrow so I can lie in a bit beyond 4.30am.


LizN said...

I enjoy going to the physio as well, even though it sometimes hurts at the time.

Cherub said...

Yes, I was just cursing her, my shoulder is so fatigued, I could barely hold the steering wheel.

It's all for the greater good though!

Kristy said...

I'm thinking I need a chiro visit to check my body is inline, it doesn't feel like it.

Sounds like a nice day today...