Monday, 2 February 2009

Coffs Harbour

Firstly, my toe is much better, within a few days it was almost back to normal. Though I still stand by the initial pain levels, I was not putting it on!

Needless to say we didn't set off to Coffs Harbour at 5am the next morning. By the time we had got up and packed the car (which was supposed to have been done the night before) it was about 10am when we left. I think my dad was quite relieved, I appreciate a long drive after a mammoth flight was not the best course of action.

We took 2 cars, Dad and June followed in Jon's car and the kids and Jon's mam came with us.

It wasn't long before the kids started defecting to Pop's and June's car. Even though my son had not seen his pops since he was 2 and the girls had never met him, they soon became very firm friends. It was very pleasing to see and I think my dad loved every minute of it. In fact I am sure he did.

Coffs was a pretty lazy holiday, lots of beach swimming and body boarding.
Miss T loves body boarding, she looks like a proper surf chick now.

We of course visited the Big Banana, we did the toboggan and we all did a trike ride, even Jon's mam did it and enjoyed it.

It goes without saying there was lots of drinking and catching up and getting to know June and my dad all over again. Dad hasn't changed one bit.

We took the kids fishing but I really didn't enjoy that, I was too nervous about them falling off the jetty. Pretty soon after we headed to a local eatery for lunch.

Lunch was a disaster, first Jon broke my RayBan's, his track record for looking after sunglasses is not good so I am not sure why I let him borrow them (must be love). He was not happy at all. Then lunch took ages to arrive, my dad has diabetes so was getting a bit agitated that his food was taking so long.

The meal was ok, not great but ok. Then, the bill., it should have been less than $100, but the bill total was $270. The staff had given another table our bill and then tried to charge us for theirs. The other table did not correct the error, that was left to us. Phone calls needed to be made to managers, blah blah blah. In the end they gave us 10% off for the inconvenience.

Other than that, some nice meals were consumed and much wine- did I already mention the wine.

It was also very nice to have other adults knees for the kids to sit on during dinner.

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Ronnie said...

OOO...what's coming next.

I would not have paid that bill. NO WAY!!