Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Blender Incident

This has got to be one of the funniest moments of the holiday, I just don't know if I can do it justice here. It may be of of those "You had to be there moments", but I will try.

You may have gotten the idea now, that my dad is a, I was going to say joker, but 'clown' is a probably more appropriate word. The kind of person that if you didn't love would most likely drive you crazy, an ok in small doses, kind of person. But I love him dearly and so of course find him hilarious. I also have this sense of humour in relation to my dad, that if he gets hurt (mildly) or something goes wrong, I collapse in hysterics. This is a hysteric moment.

The day before June and I went shopping for Malibu, pineapple juice, ice and coconut cream so we could make pina coladas. They were beautiful and really complimented the bottle of wine we had already had. My blender is a throw back from years gone by when Jon and I were childless and had cocktail parties. It now gets used for soup - how times have changed!

Dad watched us for a while and asked why my blender lid had a hole in it. "I don't know, it just does." "Does the liquid not come out of the top?" - "No."

I don't know if you remember but June has a broken ankle and can only get around on crutches, or in a wheel chair for longer periods. So - today dad was making the pina colada.

In went the Malibu - a very generous amount I might add - the ice, coconut cream and the pineapple juice. On went the blender, and the expletives started. My kitchen and my dad were covered in pina colada. Lovely to drink, not so good to clean up. Dad thought he had put too much in the blender, so now that there was not so much, he tried again. Even more expletives. By this time, I was laughing so much I could barely walk, but I managed to make it to the kitchen - I was also thinking that maybe the liquid could come out of the hole in the lid.

Then I saw that the lid was not on - he had turned on the blender to level 4, with no lid on. Not once, but twice.

He was cursing and cleaning, complaining that the fish (who lives on the kitchen bench) was drunk. Complaining that all would be ok if my blender didn't have a reverse on it, because when he went to turn it off in a hurry, it didn't stop at 0, but went into reverse so he slid the button back up and off it went to level 4 again.

He later admitted that the little voice in his head was saying, "put the lid on, put the lid on" but his "rational?" mind was saying, it would be ok. And this was the first time. How he managed to do it twice, I have no idea.

There was not much pina colada that night.

Further, Jon who was working the next day and not partaking in any amounts of alcohol that night, was not impressed. The kitchen was so sticky for days. Dad cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.

It didn't put us off, once the supplies were replenished dad tried again, just to prove he could drive a blender.


Kristy said...

That's hilarious Claire although it must be awful for the kitchen...

Ronnie said...

HEHE...very funny. Next story please.

Tully said...

Oh my god, that is so funny. I love that you all had a big laugh and no one cracked the shits. It sounds like you and your dad are such great friends, glad you all had a good time (despite the toe incident- ouch).