Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Good or bad?

Miss T aged 6, was taught today at school about 'Good Foods' and 'Bad Foods'.

What happened to not attaching emotional labels to food?

Then the Dr gave her a lollipop when she had her swine flu vacc - a few hours after she had a filling at the dentist!


Kristy said...

That is really frustrating Claire, I found it quite interesting studying the Fijian lifestyle and the children all look quite healthy. We took them lollies (one lolly each), which I wasn't really sure I agreed with, but they loved it and they don't know it is bad and I think they eat really healthy most of the time as they can't afford and don't have easy access to packaged foods.

Michelle said...

I recently blogged about my eldest suffering with body image issues and it's frustrating that they are still labelling food. Surely a healthy lifestyle can be taught a different way.