Saturday, 30 May 2009

I know - it's been forever....

....and I have no excuses.

My mam has been and gone, we enjoyed (other than her just being here) a fantastic 2 night break in Melbourne. Just the two of us. I really missed my kids (and Jon) but it was so different to see a place, actually see a place. Not having to keep and eye on one, two or three children made such a difference. I was able to eat when and where I wanted to. I could walk or sit. Take a tram or not.

We went to see Billy Elliott and it was sooo good. I miss going to the Theatre with my mam (and I know she hasn't been since I left the UK nearly 8 years ago.

We walked and walked and shopped and shopped and boy did my back know it when I got home. I was in so much pain. It must have been the walking upright and not bending over holding onto a child's hand!

So pretty much since then training has been very low key for me (again!) but I am improving and whilst I want to train hard, I have learned to be patient and let my body heal properly.

Today I was going to a little afternoon tea party with some girlfriends but the weather spoiled that. The kids were going to sit on the side lines and watch Jon play soccer, but when it started to rain, the guilt got the better of me and I cancelled.

Also today, well yesterday but from today, I have decided to try and give up sugar free gum. I really didn't think it would be so hard. I am craving gum and if I can't have that I want Pepsi Max - not a good substitute I don't think. So far I am resisting both. Wish me luck.

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Kristy said...

Billy Elliot was a fantastic film, was the stage show good? I would love to see that or any stage show.

Good luck giving up gum. I'm not sure how to help you, but maybe have a drink or water or tea when you have craving or chew carrot sticks if you are missing the chewing feeling. You can do it... :)